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Living Day To Day with Back Pain Is a Misery

Ah yes, I remember it all too well, like it was just yesterday. How quickly things went sour and my life changed overnight, making me a mere shadow of my being. Back pain might seem like a light issue to some people who have never experienced an excruciating soreness of the back. It might seem like people are “over reacting” when they cry and wail about how badly their back hurts…

Before you mark them off as being weird and a “drama queen” I want to give you a full account of my journey and perhaps let you know that back pain makes life miserable and if you are suffering from it right now, know you are not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Growing up as a kid, I watched my dad – a seasoned company man who worked for an accounting firm for over 47 years! Without ever taking a sick leave, my father was basically superman… but it all came at a price!

Hours of tireless work at a desk does negative things to you in the long run; it is back-breaking and exhausting and soon enough my father had thrown out his back and was in complete pain.

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I didn’t fully understand the gravity of the pain he felt until it became my portion while I was working as an accountant at a firm. I soon found myself moaning in pain and total discomfort and while it is easy to blame it all on a lack of proper posture and being overweight, I can tell you that this wasn’t my case at all;

At a time I found myself deeply obsessed with ergonomic chairs, ways to sit, position my elbows and all that while at the office and I thought this strategy was working, I mean it had to be working, but instead, I got so caught up in being so conscious of everything so much so that I forgot how to truly live.. My life became a painful routine and like all routines, it didn’t last and after a year or so, I was completely bedridden, depressed, and fed up with everything.

I was so irritable and hard to be around; this pain almost ruined my relationship with my husband and kids, I am just grateful that I have a good husband who was understanding and tried his best to be a pillar of support throughout my ordeal.

It is very easy to give in to your pain and allow it to get the best of you, and YES back pain can be gotten rid of, but first, you need to get rid of so many misconceptions about it! Because you won’t be able to find the solution to something you are not fully woke about.

It is true that your posture could be influenced by your body weight, as bigger body mass means more work for your spine to handle and building up abdominal and back muscles could improve spine support by keeping it in a healthy alignment, however, we are humans and we all can’t have perfectly toned bodies that are completely fat-free!

We all have some extra skin here and there and it gets even extra during the festive holidays, so what will you do then?

You need a better system to get rid of your back pain! And I have done some research and unraveled a superb solution I call the BACK TO ACTION program. 100% natural! It totally works.

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